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Descriptor English:   Travel 
Descriptor Spanish:   Viaje 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Viagem 
Synonyms English:   Land Travel
Land Travels
Sea Travel
Sea Travels
Travel, Land
Travel, Sea
Travels, Land
Travels, Sea  
Tree Number:   I03.883
Definition English:   MOVEMENT across different GEOGRAPHIC LOCATIONS. 
Indexing Annotation English:   coordinate with specific type of travel (AUTOMOBILES, SHIPS, etc. if pertinent); not for study tours to various countries: index object of study + geographic location (for example HOSPITALS + GHANA; PEDIATRICS + CHINA); consider also MEDICAL MISSIONS or RELIGIOUS MISSIONS; TRAVEL-RELATED ILLNESS and TRAVEL MEDICINE are also available
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CL classification EC economics
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LJ legislation & jurisprudence PX psychology
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