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Descriptor English:   Stomach 
Descriptor Spanish:   Estómago 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Estômago 
Synonyms English:   Stomachs  
Tree Number:   A03.556.875.875
Definition English:   An organ of digestion situated in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen between the termination of the ESOPHAGUS and the beginning of the DUODENUM. 
Indexing Annotation English:   |/|blood |supply: gastric varix or varices = ESOPHAGEAL AND GASTRIC VARICES & see note there; perforation = STOMACH /inj, not STOMACH RUPTURE; gastric secretion: index GASTRIC JUICE or GASTRIC MUCOSA, not STOMACH; /surg: consider also GASTRECTOMY; GASTROENTEROSTOMY & GASTROSTOMY; inflammation = GASTRITIS; Heidenhain pouch: index STOMACH /physiol; gastric hyperacidity: index GASTRIC ACID /metab; mucosal prolapse = GASTRIC MUCOSA + STOMACH DISEASES + PROLAPSE
Consider also terms at English:   GASTR- 
Entry Combination - descr/qualif English:   Stomach/metabolism use Gastric Mucosa/metabolism
See Related English:   Fundoplication
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