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Descriptor English:   Smoking 
Descriptor Spanish:   Fumar 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Fumar 
Synonyms English:   Behavior, Smoking
Behaviors, Smoking
Habit, Smoking
Habits, Smoking
Smoking Behavior
Smoking Behaviors
Smoking Habit
Smoking Habits  
Tree Number:   F01.145.805
Definition English:   Willful or deliberate act of inhaling and exhaling SMOKE from burning substances or agents held by hand. 
Indexing Annotation English:   note specific types of smoking are available; smokers' patches, smokers' tongue = LEUKOPLAKIA, ORAL; cancer caused by smoking = neoplasm term with /etiol (not |/|chem| ind) + SMOKING |/|adv |eff (not TOBACCO USE DISORDER); behavioral and psychological aspects of smoking = SMOKING /psychol
Entry Combination - descr/qualif English:   Smoking/prevention & control use Smoking Prevention
See Related English:   Marijuana Smoking
Tobacco Smoke Pollution
Tobacco Use Disorder
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UR urine  
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