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Descriptor English:   Plasma 
Descriptor Spanish:   Plasma 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Plasma 
Synonyms English:   Blood Plasma
Blood Plasmas
Fresh Frozen Plasma
Fresh Frozen Plasmas
Frozen Plasma, Fresh
Frozen Plasmas, Fresh
Plasma, Blood
Plasma, Fresh Frozen
Plasmas, Blood
Plasmas, Fresh Frozen  
Tree Number:   A12.207.152.693
Definition English:   The residual portion of BLOOD that is left after removal of BLOOD CELLS by CENTRIFUGATION without prior BLOOD COAGULATION. 
Indexing Annotation English:   restrict to plasma for transfusions or plasma when compared with serum or blood cells or whole blood; substances in plasma = /blood, not PLASMA; policy: Manual 21.47, 25.14.5; for entry term FRESH FROZEN PLASMA do not coordinate with FREEZING or BLOOD PRESERVATION; PLATELET-RICH PLASMA is also available
See Related English:   Serum
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