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Descriptor English:   Parasites 
Descriptor Spanish:   Parásitos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Parasitos 
Synonyms English:   Parasite  
Tree Number:   B01.050.500.714
Definition English:   Invertebrate organisms that live on or in another organism (the host), and benefit at the expense of the other. Traditionally excluded from definition of parasites are pathogenic BACTERIA; FUNGI; VIRUSES; and PLANTS; though they may live parasitically. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified only: prefer specifics; in lower animals: Manual 22.20; relation to parasitic diseases: Manual 22.12-.20; parasites in food or parasitic contamination of food is indexed under FOOD PARASITOLOGY (IM) + specific parasite (IM) + specific food item /parasitol (IM) or (NIM)
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History Note English:   PARASITICIDES was heading 1963-66 
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