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Descriptor English:   Multivesicular Bodies 
Descriptor Spanish:   Cuerpos Multivesiculares 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Corpos Multivesiculares 
Synonyms English:   Endosomal Carrier Vesicle
Endosomal Carrier Vesicles
Multi Vesicular Bodies
Multi-Vesicular Bodies
Multi-Vesicular Body
Multivesicular Body  
Tree Number:   A11.284.430.214.190.875.190.880.337.500
Definition English:   Endosomes containing intraluminal vesicles which are formed by the inward budding of the endosome membrane. Multivesicular bodies (MVBs) may fuse with other organelles such as LYSOSOMES or fuse back with the PLASMA MEMBRANE releasing their contents by EXOCYTOSIS. The MVB intraluminal vesicles released into the extracellular environment are known as EXOSOMES. 
History Note English:   2010; use ENDOSOMES 2009 
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