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Descriptor English:   Islets of Langerhans 
Descriptor Spanish:   Islotes Pancreáticos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Ilhotas Pancreáticas 
Synonyms English:   Cell, Islet
Cells, Islet
Endocrine Pancreas
Islands of Langerhans
Islet Cell
Islet Cells
Islet, Pancreatic
Islets, Pancreatic
Langerhans Islands
Langerhans Islets
Pancreas, Endocrine
Pancreatic Islet
Pancreatic Islets  
Tree Number:   A03.734.414
Definition English:   Irregular microscopic structures consisting of cords of endocrine cells that are scattered throughout the PANCREAS among the exocrine acini. Each islet is surrounded by connective tissue fibers and penetrated by a network of capillaries. There are four major cell types. The most abundant beta cells (50-80%) secrete INSULIN. Alpha cells (5-20%) secrete GLUCAGON. PP cells (10-35%) secrete PANCREATIC POLYPEPTIDE. Delta cells (~5%) secrete SOMATOSTATIN. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with LANGERHANS CELLS (skin); neoplasms = ADENOMA, ISLET CELL or CARCINOMA, ISLET CELL or their specifics
Entry Combination - descr/qualif English:   Islets of Langerhans/transplantation use Islets of Langerhans Transplantation
History Note English:   91; was ISLANDS OF LANGERHANS 1963-90 
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