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Descriptor English:   Hydrogen 
Descriptor Spanish:   Hidrógeno 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Hidrogênio 
Synonyms English:   Hydrogen 1
Tree Number:   D01.268.406
Definition English:   The first chemical element in the periodic table with atomic symbol H, and atomic number 1. Protium (atomic weight 1) is by far the most common hydrogen isotope. Hydrogen also exists as the stable isotope DEUTERIUM (atomic weight 2) and the radioactive isotope TRITIUM (atomic weight 3). Hydrogen forms into a diatomic molecule at room temperature and appears as a highly flammable colorless and odorless gas. 
Indexing Annotation English:   H or H1; H2 or 2H (superscript) = DEUTERIUM; H2 (subscript) = HYDROGEN; H3 or 3H = TRITIUM; production of H ions = probably PH
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