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Descriptor English:   Economics 
Descriptor Spanish:   Economía 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Economia 
Synonyms English:   Capital
Condition, Economic
Conditions, Economic
Consumer Price Index
Consumer Price Indices
Consumption, Household
Cost of Living
Easterlin Hypothesis
Economic Condition
Economic Conditions
Economic Factor
Economic Factors
Economic Policies
Economic Policy
Economics, Home
Factor, Economic
Factor, Macroeconomic
Factor, Microeconomic
Factors, Economic
Factors, Macroeconomic
Factors, Microeconomic
Home Economics
Household Consumption
Household Consumptions
Hypothesis, Easterlin
Index, Consumer Price
Indices, Consumer Price
Living Cost
Living Costs
Macroeconomic Factors
Microeconomic Factors
Policies, Economic
Policy, Economic
Theories, Utility
Theory, Utility
Utility Theories
Utility Theory  
Tree Number:   I01.261
Definition English:   The science of utilization, distribution, and consumption of services and materials. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified only: prefer / econ: Manual 19.7+, 19.8.27; for purely economic aspects use ECONOMICS, for combination of social & economic aspects use SOCIOECONOMIC FACTORS
See Related English:   European Union
Models, Economic
Socioeconomic Factors
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