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Descriptor English:   Awareness 
Descriptor Spanish:   Concienciación 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Conscientização 
Synonyms English:   Awareness, Situation
Awareness, Situational
Awarenesses, Situation
Awarenesses, Situational
Situation Awareness
Situation Awarenesses
Situational Awareness
Situational Awarenesses  
Tree Number:   F02.463.188.150
Definition English:   The act of "taking account" of an object or state of affairs. It does not imply assessment of, nor attention to the qualities or nature of the object. 
Indexing Annotation English:   awareness of health matters = HEALTH KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES, PRACTICE
History Note English:   91(75); was see under COGNITION 1975-90 
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CL classification DE drug effects
ES ethics PH physiology
RE radiation effects  
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Unique Identifier:   D001364 

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