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Descriptor English:   Aphasia 
Descriptor Spanish:   Afasia 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Afasia 
Synonyms English:   Acquired Aphasia
Ageusic Aphasia
Ageusic Aphasias
Aphasia, Acquired
Aphasia, Ageusic
Aphasia, Auditory Discriminatory
Aphasia, Commisural
Aphasia, Functional
Aphasia, Global
Aphasia, Graphomotor
Aphasia, Intellectual
Aphasia, Mixed
Aphasia, Post Ictal
Aphasia, Post Traumatic
Aphasia, Post-Ictal
Aphasia, Post-Traumatic
Aphasia, Progressive
Aphasia, Semantic
Aphasia, Syntactical
Aphasias, Ageusic
Aphasias, Auditory Discriminatory
Aphasias, Commisural
Aphasias, Functional
Aphasias, Global
Aphasias, Graphomotor
Aphasias, Intellectual
Aphasias, Mixed
Aphasias, Post-Ictal
Aphasias, Post-Traumatic
Aphasias, Progressive
Aphasias, Semantic
Aphasias, Syntactical
Auditory Discriminatory Aphasia
Auditory Discriminatory Aphasias
Commisural Aphasia
Commisural Aphasias
Dejerine Lichtheim Phenomenon
Dejerine-Lichtheim Phenomenon
Discriminatory Aphasia, Auditory
Discriminatory Aphasias, Auditory
Dysphasia, Global
Dysphasias, Global
Functional Aphasia
Functional Aphasias
Global Aphasia
Global Aphasias
Global Dysphasia
Global Dysphasias
Graphomotor Aphasia
Graphomotor Aphasias
Intellectual Aphasia
Intellectual Aphasias
Lichtheim Sign
Lichtheim's Sign
Lichtheims Sign
Mixed Aphasia
Mixed Aphasias
Phenomenon, Dejerine-Lichtheim
Post-Ictal Aphasia
Post-Ictal Aphasias
Post-Traumatic Aphasia
Post-Traumatic Aphasias
Progressive Aphasia
Progressive Aphasias
Semantic Aphasia
Semantic Aphasias
Sign, Lichtheim's
Syntactical Aphasia
Syntactical Aphasias  
Tree Number:   C10.597.606.150.500.800.100
Definition English:   A cognitive disorder marked by an impaired ability to comprehend or express language in its written or spoken form. This condition is caused by diseases which affect the language areas of the dominant hemisphere. Clinical features are used to classify the various subtypes of this condition. General categories include receptive, expressive, and mixed forms of aphasia. 
Indexing Annotation English:   GEN or unspecified; prefer specifics
See Related English:   Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
History Note English:   1963 
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