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Descriptor English:   Diptera 
Descriptor Spanish:   Dípteros 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Dípteros 
Synonyms English:   Dipteras
Flies, True
Fly, True
True Flies
True Fly  
Tree Number:   B01.050.500.131.617.720.500.500.750
Definition English:   An order of the class Insecta. Wings, when present, number two and distinguish Diptera from other so-called flies, while the halteres, or reduced hindwings, separate Diptera from other insects with one pair of wings. The order includes the families Calliphoridae, Oestridae, Phoridae, SARCOPHAGIDAE, Scatophagidae, Sciaridae, SIMULIIDAE, Tabanidae, Therevidae, Trypetidae, CERATOPOGONIDAE; CHIRONOMIDAE; CULICIDAE; DROSOPHILIDAE; GLOSSINIDAE; MUSCIDAE; TEPHRITIDAE; and PSYCHODIDAE. The larval form of Diptera species are called maggots (see LARVA). 
Indexing Annotation English:   for killing Diptera with insecticides, see note at INSECTICIDES; DRAGONFLIES & DAMSELFLIES see ODONATA , MAYFLIES see EPHEMEROPTERA & FIREFLIES are also available; index caddisfly & stonefly under INSECTS; index sawfly & ichneumon fly under HYMENOPTERA; infestation by fly maggots = MYIASIS
History Note English:   81, 63-74; FLIES was heading 1975-80; was see under DIPTERA 1963-74; was see under INSECTS 1974-2017 
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