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Descritor Inglês:   Stargardt Disease 
Descritor Espanhol:   Enfermedad de Stargardt 
Descritor Português:   Doença de Stargardt 
Sinônimos Inglês:   Degeneration, Juvenile Macular
Degeneration, Stargardt Macular
Fundus Flavimaculatus
Juvenile Macular Degeneration
Juvenile Macular Degenerations
Macular Degeneration, Juvenile
Macular Degeneration, Stargardt
Macular Dystrophy With Flecks, Type 1
Stargardt Disease 1
Stargardt Macular Degeneration
Stargardt Macular Degenerations  
Categoria:   C11.270.872
Definição Inglês:   A juvenile-onset macular dystrophy characterized by progressive loss of VISUAL ACUITY with normal acuity in peripheral VISUAL FIELDS. Other associated clinical features may include LIPOFUSCIN fundus autofluorescence, atrophy of the RETINAL PIGMENT EPITHELIUM, loss of color vision, PHOTOPHOBIA and PARACENTRAL SCOTOMA. Germline mutations in the ABCA4 gene have been identified in recessive and dominant diseases. 
Nota Histórica Inglês:   2020(2010) 
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Número do Registro:   59247 
Identificador Único:   D000080362 

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