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Descritor Inglês:   IBECS 
Descritor Espanhol:   IBECS 
Descritor Português:   IBECS 
Sinônimos Inglês:   Spanish Bibliographic Index in Health Sciences  
Categoria:   SH1.
Definição Inglês:   The Índice Bibliográfico Español en Ciencias de la Salud [Spanish Bibliographic Index in Health Sciences] IBECS is a database that contains references to over 180,000 articles from more than 200 scientific and health journals published in Spain. It includes publications on pharmacy, psychology, dentistry, nursing and various branches of medicine such as public health, epidemiology, pediatrics, otolaryngology, endocrinology and nutrition or rheumatology. Most of the references included in IBECS contain a summary and also provide a link to the full-text of the article when it is in the SciELO collection. (Free translation from the original: BNCS. Avaliable in: It was created by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III ( in collaboration with BIREME/PAHO/WHO (, following the LiLACS methodology. (Free translation from the original: ¿Qué es IBECS? 
Nota Histórica Inglês:   2020 
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