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Descriptor English:   Two-Hybrid System Techniques 
Descriptor Spanish:   Técnicas del Sistema de Dos Híbridos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Técnicas do Sistema de Duplo-Híbrido 
Synonyms English:   Assay, Two-Hybrid
Assay, Yeast Three-Hybrid
Assay, Yeast Two-Hybrid
Assays, Two-Hybrid
Assays, Yeast Three-Hybrid
Assays, Yeast Two-Hybrid
Method, Two-Hybrid
Methods, Two-Hybrid
One Hybrid System Technics
One Hybrid System Techniques
One-Hybrid System Technic
One-Hybrid System Technics
One-Hybrid System Technique
One-Hybrid System Techniques
Reverse One Hybrid System Techniques
Reverse One-Hybrid System Techniques
Reverse Three Hybrid System Techniques
Reverse Three-Hybrid System Techniques
Reverse Two Hybrid System Techniques
Reverse Two-Hybrid System Techniques
System Technique, n-Hybrid
System Techniques, n-Hybrid
System, Yeast Three-Hybrid
System, Yeast Two-Hybrid
Systems, Yeast Three-Hybrid
Systems, Yeast Two-Hybrid
Technic, One-Hybrid System
Technic, Three-Hybrid System
Technic, Two-Hybrid System
Technics, One-Hybrid System
Technics, Three-Hybrid System
Technics, Two-Hybrid System
Technique, One-Hybrid System
Technique, Three-Hybrid System
Technique, Tri-Hybrid System
Technique, Two-Hybrid System
Technique, n-Hybrid System
Techniques, One-Hybrid System
Techniques, Three-Hybrid System
Techniques, Tri-Hybrid System
Techniques, Two-Hybrid System
Techniques, n-Hybrid System
Three Hybrid System Technics
Three Hybrid System Techniques
Three-Hybrid Assay, Yeast
Three-Hybrid Assays, Yeast
Three-Hybrid System Technic
Three-Hybrid System Technics
Three-Hybrid System Technique
Three-Hybrid System Techniques
Three-Hybrid System, Yeast
Three-Hybrid Systems, Yeast
Tri Hybrid System Techniques
Tri-Hybrid System Technique
Tri-Hybrid System Techniques
Two Hybrid Assay
Two Hybrid Method
Two Hybrid System Technics
Two Hybrid System Techniques
Two-Hybrid Assay
Two-Hybrid Assay, Yeast
Two-Hybrid Assays
Two-Hybrid Assays, Yeast
Two-Hybrid Method
Two-Hybrid Methods
Two-Hybrid System Technic
Two-Hybrid System Technics
Two-Hybrid System Technique
Two-Hybrid System, Yeast
Two-Hybrid Systems, Yeast
Yeast One Hybrid System Techniques
Yeast One-Hybrid System Techniques
Yeast Three Hybrid Assay
Yeast Three Hybrid System
Yeast Three Hybrid System Techniques
Yeast Three-Hybrid Assay
Yeast Three-Hybrid Assays
Yeast Three-Hybrid System
Yeast Three-Hybrid System Techniques
Yeast Three-Hybrid Systems
Yeast Two Hybrid Assay
Yeast Two Hybrid System
Yeast Two Hybrid System Techniques
Yeast Two-Hybrid Assay
Yeast Two-Hybrid Assays
Yeast Two-Hybrid System
Yeast Two-Hybrid System Techniques
Yeast Two-Hybrid Systems
n Hybrid System Techniques
n-Hybrid System Technique
n-Hybrid System Techniques  
Tree Number:   E05.393.220.870
Definition English:   Screening techniques first developed in yeast to identify genes encoding interacting proteins. Variations are used to evaluate interplay between proteins and other molecules. Two-hybrid techniques refer to analysis for protein-protein interactions, one-hybrid for DNA-protein interactions, three-hybrid interactions for RNA-protein interactions or ligand-based interactions. Reverse n-hybrid techniques refer to analysis for mutations or other small molecules that dissociate known interactions. 
See Related English:   Blotting, Far-Western
History Note English:   2000 
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