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Descriptor English:   Tectum Mesencephali 
Descriptor Spanish:   Techo del Mesencéfalo 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Teto do Mesencéfalo 
Synonyms English:   Colliculus Commissure, Inferior
Colliculus Commissure, Superior
Colliculus Commissures, Inferior
Colliculus Commissures, Superior
Commissure of Inferior Colliculus
Commissure of Superior Colliculus
Corpora Quadrigemina
Inferior Colliculus Commissure
Inferior Colliculus Commissures
Lamina Quadrigemina
Mesencephalus, Tectum
Plate, Quadrigeminal
Plates, Quadrigeminal
Quadrigemina, Corpora
Quadrigemina, Lamina
Quadrigeminal Plate
Quadrigeminal Plates
Superior Colliculus Commissure
Superior Colliculus Commissures
Tectum Mesencephalus  
Tree Number:   A08.
Definition English:   The dorsal portion or roof of the midbrain which is composed of two pairs of bumps, the INFERIOR COLLICULI and the SUPERIOR COLLICULI. These four colliculi are also called the quadrigeminal bodies (TECTUM MESENCEPHALI). They are centers for visual sensorimotor integration. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with TEGMENTUM MESENCEPHALI
History Note English:   2008 (1963) 
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