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Descriptor English:   Solitary Nucleus 
Descriptor Spanish:   Núcleo Solitario 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Núcleo Solitário 
Synonyms English:   Complex, Solitary Nuclear
Complices, Solitary Nuclear
Nuclear Complex, Solitary
Nuclear Complices, Solitary
Nuclei Tractus Solitarii
Nuclei Tractus Solitarius
Nucleus Solitarius
Nucleus Tractus Solitarii
Nucleus Tractus Solitarius
Nucleus of Solitary Tract
Nucleus of Tractus Solitarius
Nucleus of the Solitary Tract
Nucleus, Solitary
Nucleus, Solitary Tract
Solitarii, Nuclei Tractus
Solitarius Nucleus, Tractus
Solitarius, Nuclei Tractus
Solitary Nuclear Complex
Solitary Nuclear Complices
Solitary Tract Nucleus
Tractus Solitarii, Nuclei
Tractus Solitarius Nucleus
Tractus Solitarius, Nuclei  
Tree Number:   A08.
Definition English:   GRAY MATTER located in the dorsomedial part of the MEDULLA OBLONGATA associated with the solitary tract. The solitary nucleus receives inputs from most organ systems including the terminations of the facial, glossopharyngeal, and vagus nerves. It is a major coordinator of AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM regulation of cardiovascular, respiratory, gustatory, gastrointestinal, and chemoreceptive aspects of HOMEOSTASIS. The solitary nucleus is also notable for the large number of NEUROTRANSMITTERS which are found therein. 
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Unique Identifier:   D017552 

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