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Descriptor English:   Simplexvirus 
Descriptor Spanish:   Simplexvirus 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Simplexvirus 
Synonyms English:   Cercopithecine Herpesvirus 16
Herpes Labialis Virus
Herpes Labialis Viruses
Herpes Simplex Virus
Herpes Simplex Viruses
Herpes T Virus
Herpes-T Virus
Herpes-T Viruses
Herpesvirus 1 (alpha), Saimirine
Herpesvirus 1, Saimiriine
Herpesvirus 1, Saimirine
Herpesvirus 16, Cercopithecine
Herpesvirus Homini
Herpesvirus Hominis
Herpesvirus Papio 2
Herpesvirus Platyrhinae
Herpesvirus, Marmoset
Herpesviruses, Marmoset
Homini, Herpesvirus
Hominis, Herpesvirus
Labialis Virus, Herpes
Labialis Viruses, Herpes
Marmoset Herpesvirus
Marmoset Herpesviruses
Marmoset Virus
Marmoset Viruses
Platyrhinae, Herpesvirus
Saimiriine Herpesvirus 1
Saimirine Herpesvirus 1
Virus, Herpes Labialis
Viruses, Herpes Labialis  
Tree Number:   B04.280.382.100.750
Definition English:   A genus of the family HERPESVIRIDAE, subfamily ALPHAHERPESVIRINAE, consisting of herpes simplex-like viruses. The type species is HERPESVIRUS 1, HUMAN. 
Indexing Annotation English:   note X ref HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS: HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS 1 and HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS 2 are also available; do not confuse X ref HERPESVIRUS 1, SAIMIRINE with HERPESVIRUS 2, SAIMIRINE; infection = HERPES SIMPLEX or its indentions
History Note English:   94; MARMOSET VIRUS was heading 1975-93 (see under HERPESVIRIDAE 1981-90, see under HERPESVIRUSES 1975-80); HERPESVIRUS HOMINIS was heading 1963-93; HERPES-T VIRUS & HERPESVIRUS PLATYRHINAE were see MARMOSET VIRUS 1975-93; FEVER BLISTER VIRUS was see HERPESVIRUS HOMINIS 1976-93; HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS was see HERPESVIRUS HOMINIS 1963-93 
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