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Descriptor English:   Senna Plant 
Descriptor Spanish:   Senna (Planta) 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Senna (Planta) 
Synonyms English:   Cassia angustifolia
Cassia angustifolias
Cassia occidentali
Cassia occidentalis
Cassia senna
Cassia sennas
Coffee Senna
Coffee Sennas
Plant, Senna
Plants, Senna
Senna Plants
Senna alexandrina
Senna alexandrinas
Senna corymbosa
Senna italica
Senna occidentali
Senna occidentalis
Senna rugosa
Senna, Coffee
Sennas, Coffee
alexandrinas, Senna
angustifolia, Cassia
occidentalis, Cassia
occidentalis, Senna
senna, Cassia  
Tree Number:   B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.401.718
Definition English:   A plant genus of the family FABACEAE. SENNA EXTRACT is obtained from members of this genus. Members contain ANTHRAQUINONES and have been an ingredient in laxatives (CATHARTICS). Many species of the CASSIA genus have been reclassified into this genus. This bush should not be confused with the Cassia tree (CINNAMOMUM). 
Indexing Annotation English:   note entry terms: CASSIA and CASSIA TREE see CINNAMOMUM AROMATICUM are also available; SENNA EXTRACT is also available
History Note English:   2002 
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