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Descriptor English:   Respiratory System 
Descriptor Spanish:   Sistema Respiratorio 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Sistema Respiratório 
Synonyms English:   Respiratory Systems
Respiratory Tract
Respiratory Tracts
System, Respiratory
Systems, Respiratory
Tract, Respiratory
Tracts, Respiratory  
Tree Number:   A04
Definition English:   The tubular and cavernous organs and structures, by means of which pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange between ambient air and the blood are brought about. 
Indexing Annotation English:   GEN: prefer specifics; /abnorm: RESPIRATORY SYSTEM ABNORMALITIES is available but consider also specific part of resp syst with /abnorm or specific abnorm
Entry Combination - descr/qualif English:   Respiratory System/abnormalities use Respiratory System Abnormalities
Respiratory System/physiology use Respiratory Physiological Phenomena
Allowable Qualifiers English:  
AH anatomy & histology BS blood supply
CH chemistry CY cytology
DG diagnostic imaging DE drug effects
EM embryology EN enzymology
GD growth & development IM immunology
IN injuries IR innervation
ME metabolism MI microbiology
PS parasitology PA pathology
PP physiopathology RE radiation effects
SU surgery UL ultrastructure
VI virology  
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Unique Identifier:   D012137 

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