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Descriptor English:   Pregnancy in Adolescence 
Descriptor Spanish:   Embarazo en Adolescencia 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Gravidez na AdolescÍncia 
Synonyms English:   Adolescence, Pregnancy in
Adolescent Pregnancies
Adolescent Pregnancy
Pregnancies, Adolescent
Pregnancies, Preteen
Pregnancies, Teen
Pregnancies, Teenage
Pregnancy, Adolescent
Pregnancy, Preteen
Pregnancy, Teen
Pregnancy, Teenage
Preteen Pregnancies
Preteen Pregnancy
Teen Pregnancies
Teen Pregnancy
Teenage Pregnancies
Teenage Pregnancy  
Tree Number:   G08.686.784.769.494
Definition English:   Pregnancy in human adolescent females under the age of 19. 
Indexing Annotation English:   IM; use only for pregnancy as a social, cultural, or psychological problem in adolescents; for other aspects of PREGNANCY (IM) in adolescents, use PREGNANCY (IM) + ADOLESCENT (check tag); includes pregnancy in children under 13; check tags HUMAN; FEMALE; PREGNANCY & ADOLESCENT or CHILD if under 13
History Note English:   79 
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BL blood CF cerebrospinal fluid
DE drug effects ES ethics
EH ethnology GE genetics
IM immunology ME metabolism
PH physiology PC prevention & control
PX psychology RE radiation effects
SN statistics & numerical data UR urine
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Unique Identifier:   D011253 

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