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Descriptor English:   Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors 
Descriptor Spanish:   Inhibidores de Agregación Plaquetaria 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Inibidores da Agregação de Plaquetas 
Synonyms English:   Agents, Antiplatelet
Aggregation Inhibitors, Platelet
Antagonists, Blood Platelet
Antagonists, Platelet
Antiaggregants, Blood Platelet
Antiaggregants, Platelet
Antiplatelet Agents
Antiplatelet Drugs
Blood Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors
Blood Platelet Antagonists
Blood Platelet Antiaggregants
Drugs, Antiplatelet
Inhibitors, Platelet
Inhibitors, Platelet Aggregation
Platelet Antagonists
Platelet Antiaggregants
Platelet Inhibitors  
Tree Number:   D27.505.954.502.780
Definition English:   Drugs or agents which antagonize or impair any mechanism leading to blood platelet aggregation, whether during the phases of activation and shape change or following the dense-granule release reaction and stimulation of the prostaglandin-thromboxane system. 
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