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Descriptor English:   Oxygen 
Descriptor Spanish:   Oxígeno 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Oxigênio 
Synonyms English:   Dioxygen
Oxygen 16
Tree Number:   D01.268.185.550
Definition English:   An element with atomic symbol O, atomic number 8, and atomic weight [15.99903; 15.99977]. It is the most abundant element on earth and essential for respiration. 
Indexing Annotation English:   /metab; consider also OXYGEN CONSUMPTION; /physiol for O2 in pulmonary respiration process but tissue respiration = OXYGEN CONSUMPTION; /ther use; consider also OXYGEN INHALATION THERAPY or HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION; /tox & /pois; consider also HYPEROXIA
Entry Combination - descr/qualif English:   Oxygen/deficiency use Hypoxia
See Related English:   Hyperoxia
Oxygen Isotopes
Oxygen Radioisotopes
History Note English:   1963; for DIOXYGEN use OXYGEN (NM) 1980-2001 
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