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Descriptor English:   Optic Disk 
Descriptor Spanish:   Disco Óptico 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Disco Óptico 
Synonyms English:   Blind Spot
Blind Spots
Disc, Optic
Disk, Optic
Disks, Optic
Head, Optic Nerve
Heads, Optic Nerve
Nerve Head, Optic
Nerve Heads, Optic
Optic Disc
Optic Discs
Optic Disks
Optic Nerve Head
Optic Nerve Heads
Optic Papilla
Optic Papillas
Papilla, Optic
Papillas, Optic
Spot, Blind
Spots, Blind  
Tree Number:   A08.800.800.120.680.660
Definition English:   The portion of the optic nerve seen in the fundus with the ophthalmoscope. It is formed by the meeting of all the retinal ganglion cell axons as they enter the optic nerve. 
Indexing Annotation English:   neopl: coord IM with OPTIC NERVE NEOPLASMS (IM) + histol type of neopl (IM); do not confuse "optic cup" ( = EYE /embryol) with "optic disk cupping" ( = OPTIC DISK + GLAUCOMA); inflammation = RETINITIS + OPTIC NEURITIS
History Note English:   78(75); was see under OPTIC NERVE 1975-77 
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