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Descriptor English:   Immune Sera 
Descriptor Spanish:   Sueros Inmunes 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Soros Imunes 
Synonyms English:   Antisera
Immune Serums
Sera, Immune
Serums, Immune  
Tree Number:   A12.207.152.846.500
Definition English:   Serum that contains antibodies. It is obtained from an animal that has been immunized either by ANTIGEN injection or infection with microorganisms containing the antigen. 
Pharmacological Action:   Immunologic Factors
Entry Combination - descr/qualif English:   Immune Sera/therapeutic use use Immunization, Passive
See Related English:   Immunization, Passive
History Note English:   80; was IMMUNE SERUMS 1963-79; IMMUNE SERUM GLOBULIN was heading 1965 
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