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Descriptor English:   Giant Cells 
Descriptor Spanish:   CÚlulas Gigantes 
Descriptor Portuguese:   CÚlulas Gigantes 
Synonyms English:   Cell, Giant
Cell, Multinucleated Giant
Cells, Giant
Cells, Multinucleated Giant
Giant Cell
Giant Cell, Multinucleated
Giant Cells, Multinucleated
Multinucleated Giant Cell
Multinucleated Giant Cells
Tree Number:   A11.500
Definition English:   Multinucleated masses produced by the fusion of many cells; often associated with viral infections. In AIDS, they are induced when the envelope glycoprotein of the HIV virus binds to the CD4 antigen of uninfected neighboring T4 cells. The resulting syncytium leads to cell death and thus may account for the cytopathic effect of the virus. 
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