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Descriptor English:   Demography 
Descriptor Spanish:   Demografía 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Demografia 
Synonyms English:   Accounting, Demographic
Analyses, Demographic
Analyses, Multiregional
Analyses, Period
Analysis, Demographic
Analysis, Multiregional
Analysis, Period
Brass Technic
Brass Technique
Demographic Accounting
Demographic Analyses
Demographic Analysis
Demographic Factor
Demographic Factors
Demographic Impact
Demographic Impacts
Demographic Survey
Demographic Surveys
Demographic and Health Surveys
Demographies, Historical
Demographies, Prehistoric
Demography, Historical
Demography, Prehistoric
Distribution, Population
Distribution, Population Spatial
Distributions, Population
Distributions, Population Spatial
Factor, Demographic
Factors, Demographic
Family Reconstitution
Family Reconstitutions
Historical Demographies
Historical Demography
Impact, Demographic
Impacts, Demographic
Method, Reverse Survival
Method, Stable Population
Methods, Reverse Survival
Methods, Stable Population
Multiregional Analyses
Multiregional Analysis
Period Analyses
Period Analysis
Population Dispersion
Population Distribution
Population Distributions
Population Methods, Stable
Population Spatial Distribution
Population Spatial Distributions
Prehistoric Demographies
Prehistoric Demography
Reconstitution, Family
Reconstitutions, Family
Reverse Survival Method
Reverse Survival Methods
Spatial Distribution, Population
Spatial Distributions, Population
Stable Population Method
Stable Population Methods
Survey, Demographic
Surveys, Demographic
Technic, Brass
Technique, Brass
Territorial Distribution of the Population  
Tree Number:   I01.240
Definition English:   Statistical interpretation and description of a population with reference to distribution, composition, or structure. 
Indexing Annotation English:   the statistical study of population characteristics; do not confuse with the POPULATION itself
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CL classification EC economics
ES ethics HI history
LJ legislation & jurisprudence MT methods
ST standards SN statistics & numerical data
SD supply & distribution TD trends
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Unique Identifier:   D003710 

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