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Descriptor English:   Convulsive Therapy 
Descriptor Spanish:   Terapia Convulsiva 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Convulsoterapia 
Synonyms English:   Coma Therapies, Insulin
Coma Therapy, Insulin
Convulsive Therapies
Insulin Coma Therapies
Insulin Coma Therapy
Insulin Shock Therapy
Shock Therapies
Shock Therapy
Shock Therapy, Insulin
Therapies, Convulsive
Therapies, Insulin Coma
Therapies, Shock
Therapy, Convulsive
Therapy, Insulin Coma
Therapy, Insulin Shock
Therapy, Shock  
Tree Number:   F04.570.200
Definition English:   Convulsions induced in order to treat MENTAL DISORDERS. It is used primarily in the treatment of severe affective disorders and SCHIZOPHRENIA. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with CONVULSIONS /ther; do not confuse X ref SHOCK THERAPY with SHOCK /ther nor X ref INSULIN COMA THERAPY with INSULIN COMA; DF: CONVULSIVE THER
See Related English:   Insulin Coma
History Note English:   81; was SHOCK THERAPY 1963-80; SHOCK THERAPY, INSULIN was heading 1963-80 
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