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Descriptor English:   Bottle-Nosed Dolphin 
Descriptor Spanish:   Delfín Mular 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Golfinho Nariz-de-Garrafa 
Synonyms English:   Bottle Nose Dolphins
Bottle Nosed Dolphin
Bottle Nosed Dolphins
Bottle-Nose Dolphin
Bottle-Nose Dolphins
Bottle-Nosed Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphins
Bottlenosed Dolphin
Bottlenosed Dolphins
Dolphin, Bottle-Nose
Dolphin, Bottle-Nosed
Dolphin, Bottlenose
Dolphin, Bottlenosed
Dolphins, Bottle-Nose
Dolphins, Bottle-Nosed
Dolphins, Bottlenose
Dolphins, Bottlenosed
Tursiops truncatus  
Tree Number:   B01.050.150.900.649.313.875.267.100
Definition English:   The species Tursiops truncatus, in the family Delphinidae, characterized by a bottle-shaped beak and slightly hooked broad dorsal fin. 
History Note English:   2006; use DOLPHINS 1998-2005 
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Unique Identifier:   D050681 

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