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Descriptor English:   Bleeding Time 
Descriptor Spanish:   Tiempo de Sangrķa 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Tempo de Sangramento 
Synonyms English:   Aspirin Tolerance Test
Aspirin Tolerance Tests
Bleeding Time, Template
Bleeding Times
Bleeding Times, Template
Duke Method
Ivy Method
Method, Duke
Method, Ivy
Template Bleeding Time
Template Bleeding Times
Test, Aspirin Tolerance
Tests, Aspirin Tolerance
Time, Bleeding
Time, Template Bleeding
Times, Bleeding
Times, Template Bleeding
Tolerance Test, Aspirin
Tolerance Tests, Aspirin  
Tree Number:   E01.370.225.625.625.100
Definition English:   Duration of blood flow after skin puncture. This test is used as a measure of capillary and platelet function. 
Indexing Annotation English:   usually NIM
See Related English:   Platelet Activation
History Note English:   91(80); was see under PLATELET FUNCTION TESTS 1980-90 
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Record Number:   1784 
Unique Identifier:   D001760 

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