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Descriptor English:   Basal Ganglia 
Descriptor Spanish:   Ganglios Basales 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Gānglios da Base 
Synonyms English:   Basal Nuclear Complex
Basal Nuclear Complices
Basal Nuclei
Ganglia, Basal
Ganglion, Basal
Nuclear Complex, Basal
Nuclei, Basal  
Tree Number:   A08.
Definition English:   Large subcortical nuclear masses derived from the telencephalon and located in the basal regions of the cerebral hemispheres. 
Indexing Annotation English:   disease = BASAL GANGLIA DISEASES
History Note English:   82; was GANGLIA, BASAL 1963-81; CLAUSTRUM was see under GANGLIA, BASAL 1963-78 
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