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Descriptor English:   Alcohol Drinking 
Descriptor Spanish:   Consumo de Bebidas Alcohólicas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Consumo de Bebidas Alcoólicas 
Synonyms English:   Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol Drinking Habit
Alcohol Drinking Habits
Consumption, Alcohol
Drinking Habit, Alcohol
Drinking Habits, Alcohol
Drinking, Alcohol
Habit, Alcohol Drinking
Habits, Alcohol Drinking  
Tree Number:   F01.145.317.269
Definition English:   Behaviors associated with the ingesting of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, including social drinking. 
Indexing Annotation English:   ALCOHOL-RELATED DISORDERS and specifics, TEMPERANCE, and ALCOHOL ABSTINENCE are also available; ALCOHOLIC INTOXICATION is available but acute alcohol intoxication = ETHANOL /pois; alcohol withdrawal syndrome = SUBSTANCE WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME + ETHANOL/adv eff
See Related English:   Alcoholism
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