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Descriptor English:   Sterilization Reversal 
Descriptor Spanish:   Reversión de la Esterilización 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Reversão da Esterilização 
Synonyms English:   Fallopian Tube Reanastomoses
Fallopian Tube Reanastomosis
Reanastomoses, Fallopian Tube
Reanastomoses, Tubal
Reanastomoses, Vas Deferens
Reanastomosis, Fallopian Tube
Reanastomosis, Tubal
Reanastomosis, Vas Deferens
Sterilization Reversals
Tubal Reanastomoses
Tubal Reanastomosis
Vas Deferens Reanastomoses
Vas Deferens Reanastomosis
Vas Reanastomosis  
Tree Number:   E04.950.599.500
Definition English:   Procedures to reverse the effect of REPRODUCTIVE STERILIZATION and to regain fertility. Reversal procedures include those used to restore the flow in the FALLOPIAN TUBE or the VAS DEFERENS. 
History Note English:   1975 
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