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Descriptor English:   Stiff-Person Syndrome 
Descriptor Spanish:   Síndrome de la Persona Rígida 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Rigidez Muscular Espasmódica 
Synonyms English:   Congenital Stiff Man Syndrome
Congenital Stiff-Man Syndrome
Congenital Stiff-Man Syndromes
Congenital Stiff-Person Syndrome
Congenital Stiff-Person Syndromes
Familial Hyperekplexia
Familial Hyperekplexias
Hereditary Hyperekplexia
Hereditary Hyperekplexias
Hyperekplexia, Familial
Hyperekplexia, Hereditary
Hyperekplexias, Familial
Hyperekplexias, Hereditary
Moersch Woltmann Syndrome
Moersch-Woltmann Syndrome
Startle Syndrome
Startle Syndromes
Stiff Man Syndrome
Stiff Person Syndrome
Stiff Trunk Syndrome
Stiff-Baby Syndrome
Stiff-Baby Syndromes
Stiff-Man Syndrome
Stiff-Man Syndrome, Congenital
Stiff-Man Syndromes, Congenital
Stiff-Person Syndrome, Congenital
Stiff-Person Syndromes, Congenital
Stiff-Trunk Syndrome
Stiff-Trunk Syndromes
Stiffman Syndrome
Syndrome, Congenital Stiff-Man
Syndrome, Congenital Stiff-Person
Syndrome, Moersch-Woltmann
Syndrome, Startle
Syndrome, Stiff-Baby
Syndrome, Stiff-Man
Syndrome, Stiff-Person
Syndrome, Stiff-Trunk
Syndrome, Stiffman
Syndromes, Congenital Stiff-Man
Syndromes, Congenital Stiff-Person
Syndromes, Startle
Syndromes, Stiff-Baby
Syndromes, Stiff-Trunk  
Tree Number:   C10.114.812
Definition English:   A condition characterized by persistent spasms (SPASM) involving multiple muscles, primarily in the lower limbs and trunk. The illness tends to occur in the fourth to sixth decade of life, presenting with intermittent spasms that become continuous. Minor sensory stimuli, such as noise and light touch, precipitate severe spasms. Spasms do not occur during sleep and only rarely involve cranial muscles. Respiration may become impaired in advanced cases. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1492; Neurology 1998 Jul;51(1):85-93) 
History Note English:   2000(1992) 
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