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Descriptor English:   Structure Collapse 
Descriptor Spanish:   Colapso de la Estructura 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Colapso Estrutural 
Synonyms English:   Bridge Collapse
Bridge Collapses
Bridge Failure
Bridge Failures
Building Collapse
Building Collapses
Collapse, Bridge
Collapse, Building
Collapse, Dam
Collapse, Levee
Collapse, Structure
Collapses, Building
Collapses, Dam
Collapses, Levee
Dam Collapse
Dam Collapses
Dike Failure
Dike Failures
Failure, Bridge
Failure, Dike
Failure, Levee
Failure, Structure
Failures, Bridge
Failures, Dike
Failures, Levee
Failures, Structure
Levee Collapse
Levee Collapses
Levee Failure
Levee Failures
Structure Collapses
Structure Failure
Structure Failures  
Tree Number:   N06.230.750
Definition English:   Failure in built environment with loss of functional integrity. 
Indexing Annotation English:   coordinate with DISASTERS if pertinent
History Note English:   2009 
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CL classification EC economics
HI history PC prevention & control
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Record Number:   53399 
Unique Identifier:   D055883 

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