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Descriptor English:   Refractory Period, Electrophysiological 
Descriptor Spanish:   Periodo Refractario Electrofisiológico 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Período Refratário Eletrofisiológico 
Synonyms English:   Electrophysiological Refractory Period
Electrophysiological Refractory Periods
Fade, Neuromuscular
Fade, Neuromuscular Transmission
Fade, Tetanic
Inhibition, Vvedenskii
Inhibition, Wedensky
Neurologic Refractory Period
Neurologic Refractory Periods
Neurological Refractory Period
Neurological Refractory Periods
Neuromuscular Fade
Neuromuscular Transmission Fade
Period, Neurologic Refractory
Periods, Neurologic Refractory
Refractory Period, Neurologic
Refractory Period, Neurological
Refractory Periods, Electrophysiological
Refractory Periods, Neurologic
Refractory Periods, Neurological
Tetanic Fade
Transmission Fade, Neuromuscular
Vvedenskii Inhibition
Wedensky Inhibition  
Tree Number:   G07.265.753.770
Definition English:   The period of time following the triggering of an ACTION POTENTIAL when the CELL MEMBRANE has changed to an unexcitable state and is gradually restored to the resting (excitable) state. During the absolute refractory period no other stimulus can trigger a response. This is followed by the relative refractory period during which the cell gradually becomes more excitable and the stronger impulse that is required to illicit a response gradually lessens to that required during the resting state. 
See Related English:   Neural Inhibition
History Note English:   2007 (1972); for WEDENSKY INHIBITION & VVEDENSKII'S INHIBITION use NEURAL CONDUCTION 1975-2006 
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