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Descriptor English:   Leukocyte Migration-Inhibitory Factors 
Descriptor Spanish:   Factores Inhibidores de la Migración de Leucocitos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Fatores Inibidores da Migração de Leucócitos 
Synonyms English:   Factors, Leukocyte Migration-Inhibition
Factors, Leukocyte Migration-Inhibitory
Leukocyte Migration Inhibition Factors
Leukocyte Migration Inhibitory Factors
Leukocyte Migration-Inhibition Factors
Migration Inhibition Factors, Leukocyte
Migration Inhibitory Factors, Leukocyte
Migration-Inhibition Factors, Leukocyte
Migration-Inhibitory Factors, Leukocyte  
Tree Number:   D12.644.276.374.480.428
Definition English:   Protein factor(s) released by sensitized lymphocytes (and possibly other cells) that inhibit the movement of LEUKOCYTES, especially polymorphonuclear cells, away from their site of release. Assays for these factors are used as tests for cellular immunity. Two of the common assays are the LEUKOCYTE MIGRATION CAPILLARY TUBE TECHNIQUE (LMCT) and the LEUKOCYTE MIGRATION AGAROSE TEST (LMAT). 
History Note English:   91(80); was LEUKOCYTE MIGRATION INHIBITORY FACTORS see under LYMPHOKINES 1980-90 
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