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Descriptor English:   Factor For Inversion Stimulation Protein 
Descriptor Spanish:   Factor Proteico para Inverción de Estimulación 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Fator Proteico para Inversão de Estimulação 
Synonyms English:   HIN Recombinational Enhancer Binding Protein
Inversion Stimulation Factor  
Tree Number:   D12.776.097.312
Definition English:   A highly abundant DNA binding protein whose expression is strongly correlated with the growth phase of bacteria. The protein plays a role in regulating DNA topology and activation of RIBOSOMAL RNA transcription. It was originally identified as a factor required for inversion stimulation by the Hin recombinase of SALMONELLA and Gin site-specific recombinase of BACTERIOPHAGE MU. 
History Note English:   2003; for INVERSION STIMULATION FACTOR use INTEGRATION HOST FACTOR (NM) 1994-2002 
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