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Descriptor English:   Health Facility Merger 
Descriptor Spanish:   Instituciones Asociadas de Salud 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Instituições Associadas de Saúde 
Synonyms English:   Acquisition, Health Facility
Acquisitions, Health Facility
Facility Acquisition, Health
Facility Acquisitions, Health
Facility Merger, Health
Facility Mergers, Health
Health Facility Acquisition
Health Facility Acquisitions
Health Facility Mergers
Hospital Merger
Hospital Mergers
Merger, Health Facility
Merger, Hospital
Mergers, Health Facility
Mergers, Hospital  
Tree Number:   N02.278.235
Definition English:   The combining of administrative and organizational resources of two or more health care facilities. 
History Note English:   91(Aug 77); was see under HEALTH FACILITIES 1977-90 
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