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Descriptor English:   Evidence-Based Facility Design 
Descriptor Spanish:   Diseño de Instalaciones Basado en Evidencias 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Projeto Arquitetônico Baseado em Evidências 
Synonyms English:   Design, Evidence-Based Facility
Designs, Evidence-Based Facility
Evidence Based Facility Design
Evidence-Based Facility Designs
Facility Design, Evidence-Based
Facility Designs, Evidence-Based  
Tree Number:   N02.278.200.252
Definition English:   An approach, process, or methodology which emphasizes credible evidence and the best available scientific knowledge, judiciously integrated to achieve the best possible outcomes in structural design. For example, the design of a new OUTPATIENT CLINIC might incorporate a review of published research on outpatient clinic design, decisions on similar past projects, along with interviews with staff and consumers. 
History Note English:   2016 
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CL classification EC economics
ES ethics HI history
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SN statistics & numerical data TD trends
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