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Descriptor English:   Facial Transplantation 
Descriptor Spanish:   Trasplante Facial 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Transplante de Face 
Synonyms English:   Face Transplant
Face Transplantation
Face Transplantations
Face Transplants
Facial Transplant
Facial Transplantations
Facial Transplants
Transplant, Face
Transplant, Facial
Transplantation, Face
Transplantation, Facial
Transplantations, Face
Transplantations, Facial
Transplants, Face
Transplants, Facial  
Tree Number:   E04.936.450.825.249
Definition English:   The transference between individuals of the entire face or major facial structures. In addition to the skin and cartilaginous tissue (CARTILAGE), it may include muscle and bone as well. 
Indexing Annotation English:   for facial skin flaps coordinate FACE or specifics with SKIN TRANSPLANTATION
History Note English:   2008 
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