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Descriptor English:   Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 
Descriptor Spanish:   Trastornos del Espectro Alcohólico Fetal 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Transtornos do Espectro Alcoólico Fetal 
Synonyms English:   Alcohol Related Birth Defects
Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder
Alcohol-Related Birth Defects
Birth Defects, Alcohol-Related
FAE (Fetal Alcohol Effects)
FAEs (Fetal Alcohol Effects)
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Growth Retardation, Facial Abnormalities, and Central Nervous System Dysfunction
Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol  
Tree Number:   C13.703.277.220
Definition English:   An umbrella term used to describe a pattern of disabilities and abnormalities that result from fetal exposure to ETHANOL during pregnancy. It encompasses a phenotypic range that can vary greatly between individuals, but reliably includes one or more of the following: characteristic facial dysmorphism, FETAL GROWTH RETARDATION, central nervous system abnormalities, cognitive and/or behavioral dysfunction, BIRTH DEFECTS. The level of maternal alcohol consumption does not necessarily correlate directly with disease severity. 
See Related English:   Alcoholism
History Note English:   2014 
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