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Descriptor English:   Rats, Inbred F344 
Descriptor Spanish:   Ratas Endogámicas F344 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Ratos Endogâmicos F344 
Synonyms English:   CDF Rat, Inbred
CDF Rats, Inbred
F344 Rat
F344 Rat, Inbred
F344 Rats
F344 Rats, Inbred
Fischer Rats
Inbred CDF Rat
Inbred CDF Rats
Inbred F344 Rat
Inbred F344 Rats
Rat, F344
Rat, Inbred CDF
Rat, Inbred F344
Rats, F344
Rats, Fischer
Rats, Inbred CDF
Rats, Inbred Fischer 344
Rats, Inbred Fisher 344  
Tree Number:   B01.
Definition English:   An inbred strain of rat that is used for general BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH purposes. 
Indexing Annotation English:   NIM with no qualifiers when experimental animal
History Note English:   91(72); was see under RATS, INBRED STRAINS 1972-90 
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AB abnormalities AH anatomy & histology
BL blood CF cerebrospinal fluid
CL classification EM embryology
GE genetics GD growth & development
IM immunology IN injuries
ME metabolism MI microbiology
PS parasitology PH physiology
PX psychology SU surgery
UR urine VI virology
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