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Descriptor English:   Extraoral Traction Appliances 
Descriptor Spanish:   Aparatos de Tracción Extraoral 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Aparelhos de Tração Extrabucal 
Synonyms English:   Appliance, Extraoral Traction
Appliances, Extraoral Traction
Bow, Orthodontic Face
Bows, Orthodontic Face
Chincap, Orthodontic
Chincaps, Orthodontic
Extraoral Traction Appliance
Face Bow, Orthodontic
Face Bows, Orthodontic
Headgear, Orthodontic
Headgears, Orthodontic
Orthodontic Chincap
Orthodontic Chincaps
Orthodontic Face Bow
Orthodontic Face Bows
Orthodontic Headgear
Orthodontic Headgears
Traction Appliance, Extraoral
Traction Appliances, Extraoral  
Tree Number:   E06.658.453.578.360
Definition English:   Extraoral devices for applying force to the dentition in order to avoid some of the problems in anchorage control met with in intermaxillary traction and to apply force in directions not otherwise possible. 
History Note English:   91(77); was see under ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES, REMOVABLE 1977-90 
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Unique Identifier:   D005115 

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