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Descriptor English:   Biometric Identification 
Descriptor Spanish:   Identificación Biométrica 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Identificação Biométrica 
Synonyms English:   Authentication, Biometric
Authentications, Biometric
Automated Facial Recognition
Automated Facial Recognitions
Biometric Authentication
Biometric Authentications
Biometric Identifications
Facial Recognition, Automated
Facial Recognitions, Automated
Identification, Biometric
Identifications, Biometric
Recognition, Automated Facial
Recognitions, Automated Facial  
Tree Number:   E05.318.740.225.500
Definition English:   A method of differentiating individuals based on the analysis of qualitative or quantitative biological traits or patterns. This process which has applications in forensics and identity theft prevention includes DNA profiles or DNA fingerprints, hand fingerprints, automated facial recognition, iris scan, hand geometry, retinal scan, vascular patterns, automated voice pattern recognition, and ultrasound of fingers. 
See Related English:   Dermatoglyphics
Forensic Anthropology
Forensic Medicine
History Note English:   2010 
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