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Descriptor English:   Abortion, Induced 
Descriptor Spanish:   Aborto Inducido 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Aborto Induzido 
Synonyms English:   Abortion (Induced)
Abortion Failure
Abortion Failures
Abortion Histories
Abortion History
Abortion Rate
Abortion Rates
Abortion Technic
Abortion Technics
Abortion Technique
Abortion Techniques
Abortion, Drug Induced
Abortion, Drug-Induced
Abortion, Previous
Abortion, Rivanol
Abortion, Saline Solution
Abortion, Saline-Solution
Abortion, Soap Solution
Abortion, Soap-Solution
Abortions (Induced)
Abortions, Drug-Induced
Abortions, Induced
Abortions, Previous
Abortions, Rivanol
Abortions, Saline-Solution
Abortions, Soap-Solution
Anti Abortion Groups
Anti-Abortion Group
Anti-Abortion Groups
Drug-Induced Abortion
Drug-Induced Abortions
Failure, Abortion
Failures, Abortion
Fertility Control, Postconception
Group, Anti-Abortion
Groups, Anti-Abortion
Histories, Abortion
History, Abortion
Induced Abortion
Induced Abortions
Postconception Fertility Control
Previous Abortion
Previous Abortions
Rate, Abortion
Rates, Abortion
Rivanol Abortion
Rivanol Abortions
Saline-Solution Abortion
Saline-Solution Abortions
Soap-Solution Abortion
Soap-Solution Abortions
Technic, Abortion
Technics, Abortion
Technique, Abortion
Techniques, Abortion  
Tree Number:   E04.520.050
Definition English:   Intentional removal of a fetus from the uterus by any of a number of techniques. (POPLINE, 1978) 
Indexing Annotation English:   for use of an abortifacient, coordinate with abortifacient agent with no qualifiers, not |/|adv |eff unless text specifically discusses adverse effects; check the tags FEMALE & PREGNANCY
See Related English:   Aborted Fetus
History Note English:   71; was see under ABORTION, CRIMINAL & ABORTION, THERAPEUTIC 1963-70, was see under ABORTION, LEGAL 1964-70; EMBRYOTOMY was heading 1963-85 
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ES ethics HI history
IS instrumentation LJ legislation & jurisprudence
MT methods MO mortality
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VE veterinary  
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