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Descriptor English:   Zanthoxylum 
Descriptor Spanish:   Zanthoxylum 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Zanthoxylum 
Synonyms English:   Fagara ailanthoide
Fagara ailanthoides
Fagara boninenses
Fagara boninensis
Fagara coco
Fagara cocos
Fagara cuspidata
Fagara cuspidatas
Fagara heitzii
Fagara heitzius
Fagara leprieurii
Fagara leprieurius
Fagara macrophylla
Fagara macrophyllas
Fagara mayu
Fagara mayus
Fagara monophyllum
Fagara monophyllums
Fagara nitidum
Fagara nitidums
Fagara rhetza
Fagara rhetzas
Fagara rubescen
Fagara rubescens
Fagara tessmannii
Fagara tessmannius
Fagara xanthoxyloide
Fagara xanthoxyloides
Fagara zanthoxyloide
Fagara zanthoxyloides
Xanthoxylum cuspidatum
Xanthoxylum cuspidatums
Xanthoxylum inerme
Xanthoxylum inermes
Zanthoxylum ailanthoide
Zanthoxylum ailanthoides
Zanthoxylum coco
Zanthoxylum cocos
Zanthoxylum fagara
Zanthoxylum fagaras
Zanthoxylum gilletii
Zanthoxylum gilletius
Zanthoxylum heitzii
Zanthoxylum heitzius
Zanthoxylum leprieurii
Zanthoxylum leprieurius
Zanthoxylum mayu
Zanthoxylum mayus
Zanthoxylum monophyllum
Zanthoxylum monophyllums
Zanthoxylum nitidum
Zanthoxylum nitidums
Zanthoxylum rhetza
Zanthoxylum rhetzas
Zanthoxylum rubescen
Zanthoxylum rubescens
ailanthoide, Fagara
ailanthoide, Zanthoxylum
ailanthoides, Fagara
ailanthoides, Zanthoxylum
boninenses, Fagara
coco, Fagara
coco, Zanthoxylum
cocos, Fagara
cocos, Zanthoxylum
cuspidata, Fagara
cuspidatas, Fagara
cuspidatum, Xanthoxylum
cuspidatums, Xanthoxylum
fagaras, Zanthoxylum
gilletii, Zanthoxylum
gilletius, Zanthoxylum
heitzii, Fagara
heitzii, Zanthoxylum
heitzius, Fagara
heitzius, Zanthoxylum
inerme, Xanthoxylum
leprieurii, Fagara
leprieurii, Zanthoxylum
leprieurius, Fagara
leprieurius, Zanthoxylum
macrophylla, Fagara
macrophyllas, Fagara
mayu, Fagara
mayu, Zanthoxylum
mayus, Fagara
mayus, Zanthoxylum
monophyllum, Fagara
monophyllum, Zanthoxylum
monophyllums, Fagara
monophyllums, Zanthoxylum
nitidum, Fagara
nitidum, Zanthoxylum
nitidums, Fagara
nitidums, Zanthoxylum
rhetza, Fagara
rhetza, Zanthoxylum
rubescen, Fagara
rubescen, Zanthoxylum
rubescens, Fagara
rubescens, Zanthoxylum
tessmannii, Fagara
tessmannius, Fagara
xanthoxyloides, Fagara
zanthoxyloides, Fagara  
Tree Number:   B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.875.922
Definition English:   A plant genus of the family RUTACEAE. Some members of Zanthoxylum are reclassified from ELEUTHEROCOCCUS, Melicope, and EVODIA. The twigs are used as dental brushing sticks (TOOTHBRUSHING). Most plants that are called Fagara have been reclassified as Zanthoxylum, however some Fagara were reclassified to MELICOPE (also in the Rutacea family) or to GLEDITSIA (a genus in the FABACEAE family). 
Indexing Annotation English:   note FAGARA entry terms: FAGARA see RUTACEAE and FAGARA HORRIDA see GLEDITSIA are also available
History Note English:   2003 
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