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Descriptor English:   Venous Pressure 
Descriptor Spanish:   Presión Venosa 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Pressão Venosa 
Synonyms English:   Blood Pressure, Venous
Blood Pressures, Venous
Pressure, Venous
Pressure, Venous Blood
Pressures, Venous
Pressures, Venous Blood
Venous Blood Pressure
Venous Blood Pressures
Venous Pressures  
Tree Number:   G09.330.380.076.732
Definition English:   The blood pressure in the VEINS. It is usually measured to assess the filling PRESSURE to the HEART VENTRICLE. 
Indexing Annotation English:   IM GEN only; NIM for pressure within a specific vessel; CENTRAL VENOUS PRESSURE & PORTAL PRESSURE are also available; venous hypertension: index under VENOUS PRESSURE (IM) & do not coord with HYPERTENSION
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