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Descriptor English:   Tight Junctions 
Descriptor Spanish:   Uniones Estrechas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Junções Íntimas 
Synonyms English:   Junction, Occluding
Junction, Tight
Junctions, Occluding
Junctions, Tight
Occluden, Zonula
Occludens, Zonula
Occluding Junction
Occluding Junctions
Tight Junction
Zonula Occluden
Zonula Occludens  
Tree Number:   A11.
Definition English:   Cell-cell junctions that seal adjacent epithelial cells together, preventing the passage of most dissolved molecules from one side of the epithelial sheet to the other. (Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2nd ed, p22) 
History Note English:   96; was see INTERCELLULAR JUNCTIONS 1995 
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