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Descriptor English:   Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-jun 
Descriptor Spanish:   Proteínas Proto-Oncogénicas c-jun 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Proteínas Proto-Oncogênicas c-jun 
Synonyms English:   Proto Oncogene Products c jun
Proto Oncogene Proteins c jun
Proto Oncogene Proteins jun
Proto-Oncogene Products c-jun
Proto-Oncogene Proteins jun
c fos Associated Protein p39
c jun Proteins
c-fos-Associated Protein p39
c-jun Proteins
fos Associated Protein p39
fos-Associated Protein p39
jun B Proteins
jun D Proteins
jun Proto Oncogene Product p39
jun Proto Oncogene Proteins
jun Proto-Oncogene Product p39
jun Proto-Oncogene Proteins
p39 c jun
p39 c-jun
Tree Number:   D12.776.260.108.820
Definition English:   Cellular DNA-binding proteins encoded by the c-jun genes (GENES, JUN). They are involved in growth-related transcriptional control. There appear to be three distinct functions: dimerization (with c-fos), DNA-binding, and transcriptional activation. Oncogenic transformation can take place by constitutive expression of c-jun. 
See Related English:   Transcription Factor AP-1
History Note English:   92; was PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEIN JUN (NM) 1988-91 
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